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The Number Bed

Premium Memory Foam with custom comfort controlled at your fingertips.

Find out why the Number Bed is the last bed you’ll ever need


The Number Bed® from Instant Comfort is a revolutionary mattress that brings perfect comfort to your fingertips.

Your bedside is controlled independently from an app on your smartphone.  Each model has 50 different comfort settings designed to achieve perfect sleeping harmony, no matter how particular your preferences may be.  Whether you tend to be firm in your choices, or are a diehard plushite, there is a perfect number bed for you. With models ranging from the affordable and firm Q2 to the luxury ultra plush Q9, finding your best sleep yet has never been easier.  With an  industry unequalled range of individual flex-head models ranging from Queen to Cal King, there is no better choice for reaching a mutually satisfying middle ground with your sleeping partner on the market.

To Achieve Instant Comfort

More Than 40 Years Of Innovation

Instant Comfort® has been leading the way in air-adjustable number beds for over 40 years with various patents on bed designs and pump systems.  We have rigorous quality We use the highest quality materials and stand behind our quality with a 25 year limited warranty.  Our warranty included 100% coverage for repairs or replacements of any components within the first three years of mattress ownership.

High Quality Components and Manufacturing

Replaceable and Reversible Top-Panel Mattress Cover

Number Beds fearure Instant Comfort®'s patented zip cover, making it easy to keep your mattress clean and helping preserve the lifespan of your investment.

Dual-Adjustability for Individualize Comfort

With over 45 different settings for each side, controlled separately to ensure perfect comfort.

Medically Recognized Pressure Sensors

Each pump system and comfort components use medical-grade technology to guarantee precision in your comfort settings

Industry Leading Warranty and Technology

25 year Warranty

25-year limited warranty with 100% replacement or repair in the first 3 years.

Touchscreen Remote Control

Our state-of-the art remotes use touch screen technology with medical grades pressure scales to guarantee the most precise adjustments possible.

Top Notch Quality Control Guaranteed

American National Manufacturing has been manufacturing medical devices registered and in compliance with the FDA required GMP's for the last 20 years. Each Instant Comfort® bed goes through our rigorous testing process to guarantee a high standard of quality.

Durable Design

Interchangeable Components

All of the parts of Instant Comfort® beds are entirely interchangeable and upgradeable. Making it the last bed you'll ever need.

Reinforced Air Chambers

Baffled 24-gauge vulcanized air chambers provide even support throughout your bed for practically an eternity.

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